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It always seems a WISH until it’s done

Our story started in 2007 to promote exclusive opportunities in selected destinations, cities and communities around the world. To provide comprehensive insights for exceptional jobs, to source lucrative investments, to indulge in spectacular shopping experiences, and to promote best places to claim home.

Over the years we evolved and pioneered the concept of elite lifestyle management and concierge services by granting access to the inaccessible adventures with exceptional experiences.

What is WISH

WISH  is an acronym for Work, Invest, Shop, and Home. WISH is a targeted campaign to promote opportunities in selected destinations and cities around the world.

Our members are discerning individuals with busy lives, big dreams, and high expectations. Our memberships are designed so that everything is catered to our member’s preferred level of assistance. We empower our members to live their dream life in their favorite cities and destinations.

WISH provides insights to the world of opportunities through networking, planned tours, delegation visits, exclusive events, professional coaching, elite lifestyle management and concierge services.

We are dedicated to help our business partners and stakeholders to raise the profile of their brands, enhance loyalty , attract exceptional audience and reinvent luxurious experiences in selected cities.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to attract, encourage and induce our audience to Work, Invest, Shop and make selected cities as their Home. In furtherance of this mission, WISH will support and encourage actions and programs that increase the desirability and attractiveness of our communities. We will deliver excellence in everything we do to our members, partners and stakeholders.

Our Core Values

• Social responsibility and dedication to excellence
• Diversity, tolerance, and harmony
• Inspire people to network, share, and cooperate
• Give back to our communities

Our Services

For Individuals

• Private Tours & Luxury Experiences
• VIP Event Experiences and Travel Concierge
• Entertainment Concierge Services
• Shopping and Retail Concierge Services
• Relocation Concierge Services
• Medical Concierge Services
• Well-being Concierge Services
• Prestigious art and cultural events
• Education Consultancy Services & Private Tuition
• Global Luxury Real Estate
• Fine Art Advisory
• Equestrian Experiences

For Governments and Businesses

• Economic Empowerment Consulting
• Destination Marketing
• Delegation Trips & Visits
• Brand Enrichment
• Corporate and Professional Coaching
• Tailor-made experiences for targeted audience
• Exclusive Networking Events
• Real Estate Investment & Development Consulting
• Audience Outreach Strategy
• Brand Partnerships & Referral Programs
• Targeted Influencer & VIP Ambassador Partnerships
• Executive search consulting services


WISH Work connects our members with distinguished job opportunities. Our corporate and business partners are united by a single purpose finding the best talent, building successful teams, and generating value for shareholders through excellence. More than ever, enterprises cross boundaries and clients need to connect with the world when they search for exceptional executives. Turn to WISH Work for executive search services that perfectly blend worldwide reach with regional knowledge and local insight.

WISH Invest

WISH Invest is a catalyst for a great deal of international investment opportunities around the world. WISH has a common interest in advocating and promoting opportunities through integrated campaigns of selected tours and private meetings. We are an exclusive forum for our affluent and influential members to meet and exchange information and data about what they are looking for.


WISH Shop promotes exclusive selected brands, products and services from around the world. We showcase reinvented luxury products and goods that allow one to really live the true WISH exclusive experience. WISH Shop is looking to represent great global brands, shopping destinations, selected factories and elegant retail stores. No visit to any of our WISH cities is complete without the ultimate shopping experience with WISH Shop.


WISH Home was launched to provide our affluent and influential members with great home experience from buying, leasing updating and enjoying access to luxurious destinations around the world. Our program includes live tours to special properties and homes. WISH Home promises to answer all your home needs, from buying a property to wall paints to kitchen and garden ideas and so much more. We take pride in providing professional and dedicated services for our valuable members worldwide.


Apply for WISH Membership

Membership is awarded on a selective basis. Becoming a member of WISH gives private individuals and corporate clients an opportunity to see the world with a different eye. We will be getting to know you and, we’ll suggest made-to-measure unique experiences, concierge services and one-of-a-kind luxury offers.

Our membership is limited because we value quality over quantity; we believe our members are not numbers but part of our small exclusive family and, they prefer creativity over everything because it’s our work that inspires conversations.

We cater to an international clientele who value the exclusivity of our services and our thoughtful professionalism. Bigger isn’t always better; we are small enough to be flexible but large enough to have scale. We do not operate like a call center, which allows us to better personalize our service. We are looking forward to welcoming you into our small membership family and, creating lasting memories.

If you are interested in joining Wish. Please send your request to our Ambassadors around the world.


The Rejuvenated Lifestyle Experience

Who we are

We partner with associations, glorious events, celebrated real estate & hospitality developers, multicultural and global medical societies & associations, family offices, business networks, golf, athletic, military and elite university clubs. We promote lifestyle empowerment and rejuvenated experiences through selected customized packages, tours and programs.

We promote lifestyle empowerment and rejuvenated experiences through selected customized packages, tours and programs.

Where your members can belong

We offer your members to be part of our exclusive lifestyle and opportunities network, your members will establish an incredible connection with the world of opportunities. They will enjoy privileged access to an extraordinary collection of global lucrative investments, shopping spree for unique luxurious products, art collections and multi-million dollar homes in the most coveted locations on Earth. With the WISH Clubs connection, every exceptional source, every unbelievable experience, and every perfect opportunity will meet the uncompromised standards we know you expect for your members. They will always have the ultimate feeling of being exactly where they belong and to make their wishes come true.

It is our pleasure to

• Welcome your members and provide full orientation about our programs.
• Arrange private tours of unique attractions and venues including global real estate investment opportunities.
• Keep you up-to-date on exclusive access to shows, events and new experiences with the best concierge services.
• Answer any questions you may have about WISH Clubs affiliated programs and partners and how you can take advantage of all the opportunities we offer.
• Help you extend WISH privileges to family and friends.

Membership Benefits

• Access to the world's most extraordinary collection of opportunities.
• Unparalleled Service. With complete concierge services.
• High-level, informative meetings to connect you with the extraordinary.
• Exposure to key Global executives and opinion leaders to help you make better decisions.
• Cutting edge research to evaluate opportunities.
• Quarterly E - newsletters.
• Periodic updates on important legislation and tax regulations.
• The WISH Clubs annual Guide.
• Annual survey to match you with new opportunities in all desired fields.

Make WISH an exceptional gift to give yourself and your loved ones



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destinations around the world.

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Reinventing Cities


"Make your Exceptional Tour come True"

Indulge, Inspire, Ingress

• Customize your Tour • Overcome Barriers • Connect & Promote your own Tour

Explore the world's most fascinating places with the people you love and care about. Indulge in private tours, customized to your wish and desire, for all who wish to travel independently, who are looking for unique secret corners of the world.

Travel at the highest level of customization. Where our Boutique Travel itineraries include specific areas , activities, length and wishes. We strive at every turn to redefine your notion of what is possible on your next tour.

WISH TOUR is a perfect way to show you the magic we can create because of our level of contacts and experiences across the continents. Let our extensive network help you design the perfect vacation or escape.

WISH TOUR can also include private ways to explore the earth , the seas and even the space .

Our network can handle private jet logistics across the world, supply incredible yachts and sailing vessels or put you on the next spacecraft.

And finally, if small luxury resorts are not your style, we have looked at and built a network of incredible private homes available only for you. These homes are completely equipped with several rooms with suites, pools, catering with chefs if you want and transportation included.

We remain completely flexible to the timing of your trip. There is also no set minimum number of people traveling with WISH TOUR. Please consult our Terms & Conditions for further information and details.

WISH TOUR consistently goes above and beyond to fulfill your desires and to make your experience unique and unforgettable with a great touch of culture and authenticity.

“Travel - it leaves you speechless, then it makes you into a storyteller.”
Ibn Battuta, 14th century Moroccan explorer

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